Beta Crystal Sands

Beta (A.K.A Early AJ) was when AJ was in testing mode. There where no members, and Coral Canyons, Appondale, and Mt. Shiveer where not lands yet. Also, Wolves, Bunnies, Monkeys, and Koalas where the only animals.

There where no memberships, everyone was equal. There was many beta items. This means Skullies, Lei, Cami's Frogs, and much more members get alto of things.


There is a beta mask, and a beta uncorn horn. Also the two sleeping animals have their eyes open!

When you slept, your eyes would still be open. Games where signs insted of floating, purple, ghost-like game controllers. Beta dens where three stories high, and had a bridge conne

The entrance to the beta den! Ahh, the old non-member nature condo home...

cting to them.