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Welcome to the Count Desertstone's Animal Jam Wiki for the Jammers!Edit


Qwerty, the site mascot.

"Welcome, fellow Jammers! On my wiki, jammers (not scammers) can edit, find out about Jamaa, and express their creativity! I

am working hard to make life in Jamaa better and bring this wiki to glory. I am Count Deserstone, I am the leader of the wiki! Our mascot is Qwerty. She is my assistant and spreads our wiki's word. See you in Jamaa!"

Count Desertstone, founder

Count's Rules and RegulationsEdit

Spam and VandalismEdit

If you create a page that is uneeded, the page will be deleted and you will be sent a warning. If you continue to break this rule, you will be blocked for one week. If you still continue to break this rule, I have a talk with you on AJ or this wiki. Denying all this results in a one-year block. If you enter false information, you will be blocked immidently due to vandilism.

Cussing and Being MeanEdit

If you say a bad word, you will receive a warning from me. If you say it again , you get blocked for a year. I am serious about cussing. If you are rude, you will receive a warning. If you still be rude, you will get a critical warning. A critical warning is an extremally serious warning, it even has it's own template. If you continue, you will be blocked

Fun things across the wikiEdit

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