Star Croc is the prequel to Crocodiles of the Beyond. In the story, Victory Frozenmoon, as an older sister, is the narrator.

he lake and had pushed us out further into the wilderness! I could feel the rough cling of Scar's scaly claws. "You will soon see another member of your bloodline" the ghost said. He dissapeard, and the light was back. Thecreature, and that will be the last. The war will last for thousands of years. And when it seems if all the hope is lost, there is a chance that a light will shine.

Exerpt from the history of the reptiles

by Lyze of Keil"

Who's Lyze of Keil? I thought. "HOLY MOTHER OF ZIOS!!! OHHH NOOO...." I screamed. "What's wrong?" Rosy asked. "SCAR!!! HE'S RED AND BLUE, AND HE ALSO HAS A SCAR! OH, AND HE GOT MOON BLINKED! OHHH NO... MY BROTHER!!!! Wait, but my other brother. He may be that light. But 'thousands of years,' i'll die." I roared at the top of my lungs. Count looked at me. "We need to wait until we are fully fledged" Count said.

The End?